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Modeltex : Retaining Wall Concrete 02 Wheatered with graffiti

Modeltex : Retaining Wall Concrete 02 Wheatered with graffiti

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Modeltex : Retaining Wall Concrete 02: weathered

A retaining wall is a construction designed to hold back soil in a landscape or provide additional support to prevent soil erosion downhill. It is often used to create different levels or backdrops, particularly in small-scale settings like dioramas or model scenes.

This modern wall, composed of concrete poured sections, is frequently seen in civil engineering projects such as tunnels and bridge abutments. Over time, the elements leave their mark as dirt and weathering gradually affect the appearance of the concrete, indicating the passage of time....(and trains). The dirty walls have been colored by some local graffiti artists. 


This Modeltex sheet is premium printed on two sides (double). The thickness that differs from 10mm to 3mm depending on the scale you choose is realistic on scale for a heavy duty wall. HO 1/87; 10mm , N 1/160: 5mm.

The sheets can be cut, scratched, weathered as you desire. Add holes, cracks, grasses or graffiti, to create your own custom wall. (check out our walls with pre-printed graffiti art as well!)

You can cut the sheet in half to create a longer wall section. 

Tip: for an even more realistic look add a layer of matt varnish spray after your customization.


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